5 Most Common Invisalign FAQs vistadentistry


Crooked, misaligned teeth aren’t just unattractive. They also pose a real threat to the overall health of your mouth! And although wearing metal braces to straighten teeth has become a right of passage for children, adults with crooked teeth need a more subtle treatment option.

Invisalign in Vista, CA is one of the best and most trusted tooth alignment alternatives for adults who want a straighter, more attractive smile. If you’re curious about Invisalign and wondering if it’s the right option for you, the answers to these five frequently asked questions will help. 


1. Why Are Crooked Teeth a Threat to Dental Health?

Most people want to straighten their teeth for the aesthetic benefits, but there are many important dental health benefits to fixing crooked teeth. 

Common misalignment issues like crowding, spacing, and poor bite make it difficult to remove plaque from certain areas. If that plaque isn’t properly brushed and flossed away, it has the chance to spread and trigger gum inflammation and tooth decay. This eventually turns into gingivitis, the early stages of gum disease.

In other words, crooked teeth put your smile at a higher risk of disease and decay. 


2. How Does Invisalign Fix Crooked Teeth?

Invisalign is an innovative teeth alignment system that uses a series of flexible plastic aligners to shift your teeth into their proper positions. The FDA-approved aligners are thin and clear. They fit snugly over your teeth without causing any obvious changes to your appearance. 

In order to begin the Invisalign treatment process, you’ll work with an experienced dentist like Mr. Miller to create a digital treatment plan. This plan demonstrates the exact path and movement of your teeth as they adjust into straighter positions. You’ll soon receive a customized set of clear aligners designed with advanced SmartTrack® thermoplastic material. The aligners work in a specific order to gently shift and push your teeth into an attractive and straight arrangement.

Dr. Miller will help you implement a specific Invisalign schedule. You must wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day to achieve timely results. You can expect to swap each aligner for the next in the set every 1 to 2 weeks. It’s okay to take out your Invisalign aligners when you brush, floss, eat, and drink. Just be sure to wear them at all other times. With just a bit of effort, you’ll experience a strategic step-by-step transformation until you reach your beautiful new smile. 


3. How Quickly Does Invisalign Work?

This is just one of the many benefits of choosing Invisalign as your teeth-straightening system! The average treatment time is only 12 to 18 months. Some patients start to notice results after just a few weeks. Of course, every case is different. Only your dentist can determine your exact treatment protocol based upon your mouth’s specific condition and needs. 

Overall, Invisalign tends to work faster than standard braces. Some patients achieve their new, straight smile in just six months!


4. Why Is Invisalign the Best Choice For Straighter Teeth?

Invisalign is a comfortable, versatile, and effective treatment that helps adults straighten their teeth without any of the embarrassment or pain common with standard metal braces. You can expect to enjoy the following benefits when you select an Invisalign plan. 

Removable and Invisible

Some of the best perks of using Invisalign are the benefits that metal braces can’t offer. Your Invisalign aligners are so thin and clear that nobody will notice you’re even wearing them. You definitely can’t say that about traditional braces! 

You can also remove your aligners whenever you eat, drink, brush, and floss. This versatility helps make basic yet essential tasks easier and more enjoyable. It’s even possible to remove your Invisalign trays for special events like weddings, job interviews, and playing sports. As long as you wear them for a total of 20-22 hours a day, you’ll enjoy maximum results. 

Faster Results with Less Pain

No teeth straightening procedure is completely painless, since shifting your teeth within your gums is bound to cause an uncomfortable sensation. However, Invisalign creates such a gentle shifting motion that you should only experience slight, subtle discomfort. It’s nothing compared to the intense pain often caused by harsh metal braces!

The slight discomfort you feel during the first few weeks is a good sign that your aligners are doing their job! You’ll quickly adjust to this pressure and enjoy the remainder of the Invisalign process virtually pain-free. 

Even better, Invisalign’s gentle treatment process can deliver results faster than normal braces. You may notice changes to your mouth’s alignment in a matter of weeks. The full treatment process typically lasts anywhere from 6 to 18 months. 

Safe and Reliable

Invisalign aligners are designed to be 100% free of BPA, BPA, latex, and gluten. They’re also FDA-approved, so you can trust their safety and quality. 

The plastic material used to create your Invisalign trays are made of medical-grade, high molecular weight, thermoplastic polymers. In other words, they’re formed with a material that has a long history of safe use inside the human body. It’s been FDA-approved for use in Invisalign aligners since 1998. You have more than two decades of proof that this is a reliable treatment option. 


5. How Can I Start Using Invisalign?

An experienced San Diego Invisalign expert like Dr.Yaron Miller is the best person to guide you through the Invisalign process. Dr. Miller and his team at Vista Dental Care and Specialty Center have transformed countless smiles using Invisalign. Call (760) 630-5000 today to schedule your first appointment and put yourself on the fast track to a straighter smile.