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Did you know braces in Vista can help reduce your risk of future tooth decay and gum disease!

Orthodontic treatment is usually thought of only in terms of children wearing braces.  In fact, Vista orthodontics may be necessary and can be done, for patients of all ages.  Teeth that are not properly aligned may be difficult to clean, which increases your risk for future dental problems.

With modern advances in orthodontics, there are now alternatives to traditional metal braces such as clear and tooth-colored brackets, special heat activated wires that require fewer adjustments, and a revolutionary process called Invisalign that does not use braces or wires.

We recommend that children have an orthodontic evaluation before age 7 to identify current or potential problems.

Orthodontics in Vista, CAOrthodontic Treatment in Vista

We offer multiple options for orthodontic treatment in Vista, including Invisalign and Six Months Smiles.

Orthodontics at Ivory Pointe Dentistry can not only help straighten your teeth for an appealing smile, but can also greatly contribute to the health of your jaw, your teeth and your overall sense of wellbeing.

Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment in Children

Finger or Thumb Sucking

These habits can eventually cause mouth breathing and protrusion of the upper incisors.

Teeth Erupting Out of Position

Proper treatment can guide these teeth into proper alignment.

Reasons for Orthodontic Treatment in People of All Ages

General issues that can lead to health, social, or psychological problems:

Breathing or Swallowing Difficulty

Mouth breathing can lead to more serious disorders like snoring and sleep apnea.

Disfiguring of the Face & Mouth

This can affects both the development of the jaw and position of the teeth, as well as self-image.

Jaw & Jaw Joint Pain

This problem can affects chewing, speaking and jaw mobility.

Speech, Chewing or Biting Problems

This can affects eating, communication and long-term tooth health.


An unsightly smile can cause poor self-image, lack of confidence, and substandard performance.

Bite related problems that can interfere with
chewing, speaking and gum health:


One or more upper teeth bite inside the lower teeth (towards the tongue).


Upper teeth overlap the lower teeth.

Deep Overbite

Lower front teeth bite into the upper tissue of the upper teeth.

Overjet (protruding upper teeth)

Upper teeth protrude beyond normal, usually associated with a short lower jaw.

Underbite (lower jaw protrusion)

Lower jaw is longer than the upper jaw.

Dental anomalies that need attention:


The lack of space for all the teeth to fit normally within the jaws, often caused by

  • extra teeth
  • mal-positioned teeth
  • incorrect ratio in the tooth to jaw size
  • teeth that are too large or too many for the available space.

Extra or Missing Teeth

These commonly are a result of inherited problems, injuries or tooth decay.

Spacing Between Teeth

Which is a result of teeth that are too small, too large, or missing.

Dr. Yaron Miller of Ivory Pointe Dentistry is your top choice for Orthodontics in Vista, San Marcos or Oceanside, CA.

A truly beautiful smile can be yours!

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Please note: because every patient is unique, your results may vary.

“Dr. Miller and his staff were warm, friendly and professional.”

The care I got was efficient, and all the work was administered swiftly and painlessly - a big preference of mine. I strongly recommend Vista Dental Care!

Please note: because every patient is unique, your results may vary.

“Dr. Miller does beautiful work. He is gentle and trustworthy”

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Please note: because every patient is unique, your results may vary.